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of Weston

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a wonderful venture thru my eyes.


I have always been the venturing type .....   and since I so called retired about 20 years ago we have been traveling and taking pictures ( I do love photography)(I am not the famous Photographer Edward Weston.....but just an amateur photographer with the same name.)

Before retiring,  I had worked in England for awhile and really got the traveling bug.....a friend and I on weekends used to go down to Dover and take the Hover Craft over to Calais and venture on down to Paris......that was the beginning.

Since then we have been all over Europe, England and Ireland, Russia, the Baltics and the Balkans .  It has been a great pleasure and I was able to capture each venture with photos of things and places and of course people that I want to remember and now share.

I also get involved in other things such as weddings, baptisms , flower arranging and just plain old fun that from time to time I will share.

Hope you will enjoy.


Traveling and Other Interesting Things with Ed Weston